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5 Tips for Avoiding Furnace Problems During the Winter in Fort Myers, FL

People tend to fall into one of two categories: they love cold, frosty weather, or they are dedicated sun worshippers.

If you are in the latter group, you’ll probably have already invested in weighted blankets and extra thick socks for the winter.

But you’ll need to add another item to your winter to-do list: checking your furnace. Here are five ways to avoid furnace problems during Fort Myers’ winter season.

1. Book a Furnace Maintenance and Inspection

Regularly checking your HVAC system is the best way to avoid problems when heating your home in the winter. Specialists carrying out these checks can spot issues like wear and tear.

They’ll also examine whether the system accumulates dirt and dust that could cause a problem. If something looks like it could break imminently, you can get a replacement part instead of waiting for the entire system to fail.

2. Change Your Filters

Filters help capture dust and allergens that could degrade the air quality in your home. But over time, these filters get dirty, and they need replacing.

If you don’t replace them on time, they can clog up, blocking the airflow to your HVAC systems. That means your furnace has to work harder, and you might even spot higher-than-normal energy bills.

So, one of the best and most straightforward ways to protect your furnace is to get your filters replaced.

3. Get a Smart Thermostat

You can buy more modern thermostats with intelligent, programmable settings. For example, you can automatically lower your heating temperature for hours when you are out of the house.

Setting this up in advance means you won’t need to rely on your memory. And it’s a more efficient way to use your system, so you won’t put too much strain on your furnace during the winter. Plus, it saves money.

4. Check Your Vents for Obstructions

It might be time to check your vents to ensure nothing is getting in the way of your air circulation. If vents become blocked, they can make your furnace inefficient, and you may notice uneven heating in your home.

There are some obvious places to start when you want to check vents. For example, check you have no furniture or curtains blocking it.

After that, you’ll need to do a visual inspection. Or you can get a professional to check on your behalf more thoroughly.

5. Check Your Ductwork

The final check you or an inspection team should make is your ductwork. Check this before a cold spell of winter weather to ensure there are no leaks that could cause heat loss.

Leaks could mean overusing your furnace and spending too much money on heating bills. So, you must take the time to seal and repair any damage.

Avoiding Furnace Problems and Keeping Your Home Warm During Winter

There is nothing worse than facing furnace problems during the middle of winter. Besides the unpleasantness of a cold house, you also face trying to get an emergency repair that could be expensive.

It’s always best to preempt problems and get your furnace in good working order with a professional inspection.

Mabry Brothers in Fort Myers, FL, has engineers with experience in spotting and fixing any furnace problem. Contact us now to get your furnace checked today.

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